Action Platformer ・ Windows XP/Vista/7 ・ March 2013

When Rex's gumball collection is stolen by evil aliens, he dons his powerful dinosaur costume to become the feared and respected intergallactic hero REXZILLA to get them back. Also, a pixelly platformer.


  • 50+ levels of high-jumping, fire-breathing, alien-squishing goodness across 5 different worlds.

  • 5 different boss battles.

  • Completely original pixelly 2D graphics for your nostalgic side.

  • An original soundtrack by Dallinsaurus.

  • 12 in-game challenge awards to unlock with your amazing skills.

  • 2 different endings to discover.

  • English and Japanese text options for your bilingual needs.

  • Keyboard and gamepad support with customisable controls.

  • ...Very pristine and retro-feeling ... with an above average level of challenge and an above average level of charm.
    Jay is games

    ...Plenty of content in Rexzilla to sink your teeth into.
    Game Players Review
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