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Commercial Games

MIYA: The Sealed Temple
Adventure RPG
Windows XP/Vista/7
TBD 2016

The girl awakes.
The guardians stir.
The daemons approach.
Yet the Temple remains still.


Action Platformer
Windows XP/Vista/7
March 2013

When Rex's gumball collection is stolen by evil aliens, he dons his powerful dinosaur costume to become the feared and respected intergallactic hero REXZILLA to get them back.


Totally Board
Sports RPG
Windows XP/Vista/7

Dash Burnside was born a child of priviledge.

But when his rich grandmother cuts him from the will, he must brave the trecherous Canadian Rocky Mountains with little more that a snowboard and some pocket change...

Free Games
Windows 7/8/10
October 2017

You find yourself in a dark and gloomy dungeon. You feel like you've been here before, but you know you must escape back to the light...


Bullet Cat
Gun Action Feline Platformer
Windows XP/Vista/7
July 2015

Jump! Collect coins and fish! Shoot mice with your gun!


Slime Dungeon
Slime Slaying Action Adventure
Windows XP/Vista/7
November 2014

Find the key and escape the dungeon!


Stompy the Dog
Boot Action Platformer
Windows XP/Vista/7
August 2014

Help Stompy, a dog in a magical boot, stomp on all the cats!


Smartphone Games
ABC Boxes
Educational Touch Matching
November 2016

Review upper and lower case letters with Pently the Penguin!


Penguin Flush
Toilet Etiquette Collectathon
April 2016

Cover up embarrassing toilet noises and collect coins at the same time!


ABC Balloons
Educational Touch Collectathon
March 2016

Review letters of the alphabet and review alphabetical order with Pently the Penguin!


Web Games
Harold & the House
Mystery Adventure
March 2016

Help Harold solve puzzles, find items, and escape from the mysterious house...


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