28 Oct 2017
Afterthoughts: Overcome

Back in the late spring, I got the urge to whip up a quick freeware game which I planned to work on for up to a month... [more]

 08 Apr 2017
The Last Blog Post

So I have this problem: I can't keep my blog updated.... [more]

 21 Jan 2017
The Future in Blue

January has struck with stuffy noses and sore throats, but development marches on (albeit at a slower, snifflier pace)... [more]

 07 Jan 2017
Happy New Year

Happy New Year! As with many, 2016 was a difficult year for us at Orz Lab, but as "smooth seas never made a great sailor," I like to think that the difficulties of the last year have... [more]

 26 Feb 2016
App Dev Adventures

Hot on the heels of my online interactive portfolio, I'm nearing completion and release of an Android game designed to help with learning the alphabet and alphabetical order... [more]

 20 Feb 2016

Over the last two to three weeks I have been putting a lot of effort into developing an interactive portfolio to showcase some of my skills... [more]

 06 Feb 2016
Not Dead Yet

Things have changed in a big way for me over the last six months as I've made some very large transitions in terms of employment and living... [more]

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