08 April 2017

The Last Blog Post

So I have this problem: I can't keep my blog updated.

I want to! I just can't seem to force myself to do so.

There are several factors that play into this:

1. Time use priorities

As I think I've mentioned on this blog a few times, I can't afford to work on game development full-time. I have a regular, unrelated full-time job, plus a young family, and church/other commitments. I've made some in-roads into reclaiming as much free time as I can, but if I'm able to commit a solid 10 hours to game dev in a given week, I'm doing really well.

Because of this, I feel compelled to devote as much of my meagre free time as possible to actually making games, meaning 'working on the business' activities (like blogging) often get pushed back.

2. Blogging discomfort

If you've ever heard the phrase 'once bitten, twice shy,' I would say that I am close to the physical embodiment of that. When applied to blogging, I had a few highly unfortunate incidents with some personal blogs I kept many years ago. I won't go into what happened there, but the effect is that I often experience high levels of anxiety just thinking about posting anything on the internet. I can still do it if I force myself to, but the resulting posts are extremely self-censored to the point where I wonder if it's worth posting anything at all.

3. Lack of content

Because I'm hesitant to post anything too personal (I feel like this is the most personal I've been in a while), and because development only takes place when I have spare time, there's honestly not much about the projects to post. I can only say 'still working on X' so many times before it feels like self-parody.

SO! With considering all of the above, communications around here are going to change. The blog will be discontinued and replaced with a 'News' section instead. News posts will usually be shorter and less conversational than the blog's have been, which I hope will allow me to worry less about 'blogging' and more about getting info out, which I believe is the actual goal anyway.

What will happen to the existing blog, you ask? It will be archived somewhere in the dank, forgotten corners of the sitemap, doomed to be gawked at by future school children as a relic of a backwards past. Or something like that.

I am currently in the process of doing a major website overhaul at which time this change-over will go down.

Since this is very likely my last 'blog' post, I will try to bring readers up to speed on what I've been up to and what to expect in the reasonably near future.

First off, the image I teased in January is from an upcoming adventure game in the vein of Harold & The House which I am collaborating with a guest developer on. I expect it will be out this summer or autumn, and should have some news about it coming within the next month or so.

Totally Board is still on hiatus, and, in all honesty, needs some major rehauling or a massive scope change to make it viable. A good chunk of it is very playable, but there's a lot to do to bring it in line with my original vision for it. I'm fighting with myself on what the final product should actually look like.

MIYA is still in active development. It is and has been my main focus since 2014. I know I haven't talked about it here very much - I'm trying to keep my cards pretty close to my chest on this one, but I believe that I will have some big news to share about the project later this year. I can say, however, that it is coming along very well.

My personal life is still all over the place, but things are finally threatening to settle down (for a change). I expect that as they do, Orz stuff will go smoother as well. Fingers crossed.

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