21 January 2017

The Future in Blue

January has struck with stuffy noses and sore throats, but development marches on (albeit at a slower, snifflier pace).

While I can't fully reveal what we have under our hat right now, I can show the image above, and leave the rest to your imagination...

Besides the blue-ish thing above that must remain nameless, I'm happy to announce our long-overdue return to social media! For one thing, our Twitter account will be getting updates again (with a visual face-lift on the to-do list). But most exciting is surely our official Orz Laboratory Facebook page! With everyone and their grandma on Facebook these days, it's very clear that we are late to this party. But, 'better late than never,' right?

If you do the whole 'social media' thing, be sure to like us on Facebook and/or follow us on Twitter to get our updates delivered straight to your feed! Woo!

And if you are coming down with/just getting over the sniffles, too, then as one sicky to another: hope you feel better soon!

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